IBRAF and Fiocruz announce a partnership and launch course for young Africans in 2019

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22 de novembro de 2018
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22 de novembro de 2018

On Thursday, November 22, 2018, during the 6th Forum Brazil Africa, the president of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Nísia Trindade, announced, together with the president of the Brazil Africa Institute, João Bosco Monte, a partnership between the two institutions in launching an initiative to empower young Africans.

“From a collaboration between IBRAF and Fiocruz, we are launching a course for an identified area of ​​great interest that is the maintenance of equipment, offered at our headquarters in Rio de Janeiro,” announced Nísia.

João Bosco Monte emphasized the relevance of institutions such as FioCruz and the importance of partnerships such like this. According to what they said, about 25 young people will receive training through the course.

“We are going to bring young people to receive training in a great institution and we are very grateful for the opportunity that Fiocruz gives to young Africans who will acquire this knowledge. Our preventive maintenance course will reach places where governments and civil society have not yet reached “, reinforced the president of the IBRAF.

The course is going to be executed as a session of the Youth Technical Training Program, the project of Brazil Africa Institute that promotes the professional exchange of young Africans to Brazil.