Gilbert Houngbo, IFAD President, sends a video message to the second day of the 6th Forum Brazil Africa

José Graziano, Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, call for innovations and technology to empower youth in the 6th Brazil Africa Forum
23 de novembro de 2018
6th Forum Brazil Africa discusses youth employment in agriculture, focusing on sustainability and improving food security
23 de novembro de 2018

The President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, Gilbert Houngbo, sent a special message to those present at the 6th Forum Africa Africa. In his speech, Houngbo said he was pleased with the theme chosen for the event, which is about youth empowerment.

For the manager, learning from the challenge and success of the other is a successful way of promoting diversity and strengthening relationships between the countries involved in the South-South relationship. “I see with optimism the partnership between you in the training of young people in the search of strategies for poverty reduction, promotion of peace and stability both in Brazil and in Africa,” he concluded.