6 Reasons to attend the 6th Forum Brazil Africa

East-Timor highlighted at the 6th Brazil Africa Forum
5 de outubro de 2018
Minister Saad Ali Shire, of Somaliland is confirmed at the 6th Forum Brazil Africa
10 de outubro de 2018

1. African continent and opportunities

Unlike Brazil, China and the United States are making massive investments in the African continent nowadays. The sessions of the 6th Brazil Africa Forum will show Africa as a place full of opportunities for investments, with real possibilities for financing and support for the realization of Cooperation projects. All this with the presence of development banks and multilateral organizations.


2. Industry 4.0 and Creative Industry

The world has changed and there are new ways of doing business, using technology and innovation, attracting specially the younger ones. It is necessary to rethink all the existing paradigms. New occupations, new business models and new ways of thinking will be at stake during the 6th Brazil Africa Forum.

3. Promotion of Agriculture
Three of the world’s largest combating hunger and food security organizations will contribute and discuss on how to make agriculture an exciting field to promote youth empowerment. Representatives from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), World Food Program (WFP) will share strategies to prevent rural exodus, harness the potential of the agricultural sector and thus promote effective social transformation.

4. Education and Health as priorities
Impossible to empower youth without talking about promoting health and quality of life. Nor can one think of promoting development without investing in education. The 6th Brazil Africa Forum will promote dialogues on both health and knowledge promotion. Innovative methodologies, outstanding projects and effective social technologies will be addressed in the sessions.

5. High-level panelists
The panel of speakers of the 6th Brazil Africa Forum will gather together in the same space key people from the most diverse areas of activity, like business leaders, politicians, social entrepreneurs, executives of large banks and academics. Among them are the former President of East-Timor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate José Ramos-Horta Nobel, managers of the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (IsFD), Afreximbank, Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), African Development Bank (AfDB) and respected journalists such as Bronwyn Nielsen and Omar Ben Yedder.

6. Salvador
Held each year in a different Brazilian city, the 2018 edition will have a special meaning. With around 3 million people, the city of Salvador, in Bahia, has the largest African ancestry in Brazil, being considered the world’s most black city outside the African continent.