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13 de November de 2019

Mr. José Graziano, former General Director of FAO, received a special distinction during the Brazil Africa Forum 2019

The Brazil Africa Forum 2019 had a special moment this Wednesday, November 13th. Mr. José Graziano, former General Director of FAO and one of the panelists […]
13 de November de 2019

Water usage in agriculture is crucial for food security. How the Brazilian best practices can be replicated in Africa?

“Without water, there’s no food security” has stated Mr. José Graziano during his powerful speech. The Former General Director of FAO shared his vast knowledge with […]
13 de November de 2019

Challenges to establish a fair trade landscape between Brazil and Africa pass through regulation, sharp information, investment and competitiveness

From 2004 to 2014, Brazilian exports to the African countries increased by 131%, being sugar, beef, poultry, and cereals the highlights of those flows. Trade-in agriculture […]
13 de November de 2019

Banks, governmental organizations and non-private institutions discuss how to eliminate barriers and assure credit to the smallholder farmers

The second day of Brazil Africa Forum 2019 started with a key discussion focused on agribusiness and the challenges related to finding a cooperative model and […]
12 de November de 2019

Agriculture 4.0 beyond food: How the technology can improve the food production and reduce poverty?   

In today’s world, it is essential to reach a point where the common interests between the market and agriculture production come up to the surface. The […]
12 de November de 2019

Deepening economic partnerships between Brazil and Africa: Overview and role of Afreximbank

Mr. Hippolyte Fofack, Chief Economist at Afreximbank, brings an overview of Brazil-Africa relationships and further information about the bank’s role in the economic development of Brazil […]
12 de November de 2019

African Continent’s common challenge: to bring technology and alternative energy to the villages to avoid the rural exodus

African Continent is formed by 54 countries, with different economic and agricultural realities. But most of these locations face the same challenge: how to bring new […]
12 de November de 2019

Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourão opens Brazil Africa Forum 2019 and announces plans to the first official visit to the African continent

Brazil’s Vice President, Hamilton Mourão, said that the current Brazilian Government is planning its first official visit to the African continent in March 2020. The announcement […]
12 de November de 2019

African continent food imports reaches USD 35 billion and countries strive looking for self reliance

The money amount of food imports in the African Continent has reached USD 35 billion and the countries have been trying to find solutions to increase […]