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B razil and Africa are world leaders in terms of natural endowments, possessing some of the planet’s most outstanding ecosystems, woodlands and watercourses. From the Amazon to the Sahara, São Francisco to the Nile, the Cerrado to the Savannah, the Nubian to the Guarani, Libra to Obiafu and Obrikom, there is simply a universe of possibilities for constructive actions that seek social welfare.

With great potential, there is also a major responsibility, and countries on both sides of the South Atlantic are constantly seeking solutions to promote sustainable development. From institution-building and market practices to technical arrangements and environmental actions, these nations use South-South and Triangular cooperation as a means for unlocking economic growth.

A dialogue is pressing and imperative, and this is where the Brazil Africa Forum 2020 finds its mission; by thinking and doing international politics, the connection of stakeholders has the potential to benefits millions of lives, both in Brazil and in African countries alike.

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